I honestly NEVER, thought I would shoot Boudoir! I can’t say I never thought about doing it but, as we all know thoughts and actions are two different things. Fortunately for me, on this occasion, they became one!

The second part of the shootout involved a Boudoir session. I have to say that it taught me a lot about my strengths and weaknesses in more than one place as it concerned Boudoir. I had the luxury of having Jenn Rozenbaum as an instructor who photographs primarily Boudoir. I’ll always love Jenn for riding my arse during my time with her and giving me the ability and confidence to do it better!

What The Hell Did You Do!? |

For those who don’t know, Boudoir photography is an animal of it’s own; especially when done right! Everything has to be done well especially posing and lighting. Some think it’s easy and it far from it, something small, like a shadow in the wrong place can make a great image into an unflattering one. I learned this the hard way!

I took what I thought was an awesome shot, even getting kudos from other photographers at the shootout; that is until I showed Jenn. She liked what I was “trying” to do but, there was a shadow that wasn’t flattering present on the model’s tummy. Also, due to how I framed the image, the model looked quite short. As you can see in the images the model is quite tall and slim! However, in this one image that wasn’t the case. The shadow that I thought looked so cool actually made it seem like she had a pouch and due to the pose and angle I was at, short, as stated. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Jenn’s honest critique as it made me more aware of how much more important good light is when it comes to Boudoir! Though I’m not displaying this image, I’ve kept it to remind me of what to consider when shooting something like Boudoir in the future.

The second thing I did was something quite a few photographers are guilty of so I wasn’t too upset with myself over this one but Jenn wouldn’t let me get away with it. This has to do with posing. I personally love catching people in natural positions as much as possible vs trying to pose them. This isn’t always possible though. As our model was getting herself set for a pose I saw her do something that I wanted to capture and I said to her, “Do you see what you just did! Can you do it again!?” Jenn, “No she can’t see what she just did. Only you can see what she just did.” Is she picking on me or something!? No! Was she hard on me? Hell yes and I loved it! I’m not a fan of “yes” people as I feel having too many of them can give a person a false sense of security. You know that photo on Facebook taken with a cell phone of a girl in a dirty room in her undies with 100 likes and just as many comments telling her how hot she is. You get the point, and I’ve been lucky enough to not have a lot of them around me.

What Jenn did, by being hard on me, was make me once again be more aware of directing people with words to get the best I can from them. No they can’t see what they just did, DUH, but I can certainly tell them to angle themselves with their right hip away from me and lower their left shoulder a touch and tilt their head up or down as needed.

What Did You Get!? |

A lot! Also, some awesome images! Jenn came to talk to me about why she was being hard on me. It didn’t matter and she didn’t have to explain anything; I’m built tough damn it! I appreciated her more then she knows for taking the time and more importantly being honestly and making me think. Not everyone can take criticism and some are afraid to give it but how are we suppose to get better if we’re NOT willing to be exposed to our faults even if they take down our ego a notch or two. I want to keep doing better and thanks to Feuza inviting me to Tri-Age, I feel like I got one step closer and I hope the images below show that!




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  1. Hillary Shemin

    I really enjoyed reading this post Jaleel.. Your work continues to grow by leaps and bounds and this post really tells why..you are constantly challenging yourself and you are open to criticism to continue to push your limits and enrich your talent. I am hopeless when it comes to posing, but really appreciated reading how Jenn guided you to see how you NEED to be able to guide your subject. I sincerely admire you and your work.. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Jaleel

      Thank you very much Hillary! Posing can be intimidating for a lot of people! Not for just photographers but clients as well. I don’t have the luxury of being able to demonstrate so I have to think about it in a different way. Also practice helps a lot too! 🙂

    • Jaleel

      Thank you so much John. Though you did something I still need to figure and that’s how to add an image of me to use as my avatar! LOL

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