Justin Hines Performs at Inglis House

Justin Hines came to Philadelphia to give a private concert for the residents of Inglis House. He was an incredibly humble and kind person with lots of spirit.

A little about Justin:

From a very early age, Hines was enthralled with music. He would spend hour upon hour listening to his father’s jukebox, and sang often. His first glimmer of success came when he was at the young age of 14. After winning a radio contest against hundreds of participants, Hines got the privilege to sing at a Toronto Raptors game.

Hines’ musical career continued to grow as a teenager while performing on YTV and the Treehouse channel. His work there included the video ‘Tomato Hat’. That video was included on the 1997 children’s program Ants In Your Pants.

He collaborated with producer Justin Abedin on his first album entitled Sides. In reference to the album, Justin says “I made a conscious effort to abandon any trends, I just wanted to do something that was very honest. I wanted to just be Justin, whatever that was.”

His second album Chasing Silver was released on June 2, 2009. It includes the hit single “Say What You Will”. It became the #1 downloaded singer/songwriter track within 48 hours of releasing it online. The video was also an instant success, as it became one of the favourite and most emailed videos on Sympatico/MSN.

Learn more about Justin and listen to his music! http://www.justinhines.com/