These photos are a priceless heirloom to his family and priceless memories to all who knew him.

The Story |

At the end of 2010 I lost a dear friend, Donald McGeachy. Donnie, as he was known, and I were in the hospital together. He had an illness he was born with that he was getting treatment for. Because we got along we were moved into the same room and from there we bonded. Nothing like sneaking out of the hospital to make food runs to keep you together. He was more like a brother then a friend. Donnie was a bum, as we would seem to lose touch every so often; mainly because he would rarely call me back at times. When we got back in touch with each other it was like we never missed a step. Always happy to hear from me when he did pick up, and excited to tell me about everything I missed out on with him.

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Donnie but found that not much had changed because he was still being a bum about calling back! However, one major thing did change; he was a father. My brother Donnie had a daughter named Audrey! This was same guy who was afraid to sneak into a movie!? I couldn’t believe it; at the same time so happy for him as he told me all about Audrey. I also found out he’s been living, literally, around the corner from my favorite camera shop!? Knowing that, I would call when I went up there but Donnie being Donnie, I guess you know what happened!?

On one occasion, I decided to just pop-up on Donnie after a visit to the camera shop. A decision that was met with a huge smile and big ass hug! Donnie introduced me to my “niece” Audrey, who was nothing but smiles. Much to Donnie and Audrey’s mom’s surprise she warmed right up to me. Honestly I just thought she was that sweet to everyone. Donnie told me she NEVER gets as friendly with people as she did with me the first time meeting them. He also stated,

don_audrey_mcgeachy_jaleelkingblognew02 “My mom is going to be so mad at you when I tell her about this!” as he smiled and laughed.

I had just gotten a new lens and I thought what better way to test it out then on this cute girl with her very loving father!? Donnie even took a photo of Audrey and me being silly! It wasn’t the last time I saw Donnie but it wasn’t long before he started being a bum, but I reminded him I was there for him and he told me he knew that.

The Thought |

As I write this I can help but to tear up — Right after Christmas I had received a call from Donnie’s mom and I knew it wasn’t good but, I wasn’t expecting to hear that my brother had passed away. If I had known that those moments would’ve been the last that I would have captured of him, I don’t think I would change a thing!

I captured something priceless for not just Audrey but also her children. Something that she will treasure as time goes on, is what I thought as I now looked at theses images in different light. Children often don’t remember things too well at times or as they get older. I truly hope she remembers some of these moments of a father who loved her and even if she forgets she’ll have these images which captures his love for her.

I still miss Donnie but I have memories to share that show the kind of man and father he was and who he loved the most.

Sometimes the value of an image isn’t always about what you see in it, as much as it’s about what it makes you feel.” — Jaleel King



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  1. Wilfredo Montijo

    Wonderful story man. It definitely brought tears to my eyes. God works in mysterious ways. You captured timeless memories for that little girl.

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