I’ve been shooting for IDEAL Magazine for a few months now here and there. IDEAL, is a magazine that caters to issues and interests of people with disabilities or those who are involved with such. One of my assignments was to photograph DJ Touch Tone for an article at the radio station he works at, 100.3FM The Beat as well as 107.9 WRNB, both in Philadelphia.

Touch Tone was an interesting person as it was a Saturday and I needed to be let into the building, and who let me in? Why, The Blind DJ himself! He led me up to floor where the radio station was. The cool thing was how well he navigated the building! If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought he could see.

We set up in an empty booth and I went to work with setting up lighting and trying to find position as the room was extremely tight and everything was HIGH up!

DJ Touch Tone was a pleasure to work with. It was interesting seeing how he used technology despite his lack of sight. Like, watching him use his phone to text message!

Needless to say, I love connecting with those that I photograph; when I can. I had ball getting to know The Blind DJ as well as his co-worker at the radio station, Lady B who is a DJ on 107.9FM WRNB; who was awesome enough to treat us to some Sushi!

After presenting the editor with photos, I found out that I got the cover for the magazine; my first! Below are some select images used in the magazine as well as select of my own or two; as well as, the cover!




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