This year had the honor and privilege to meet Charlie. Charlie, it seems had an attachment to this boy named Alex. Alex, at first, wanted nothing to with Charlie. However, as in most stories, love comes when you look into a puppy’s eyes.

Alex is a photographer, dear friend and mentor. At the beginning of the year, Alex called me and wanted to know if I could take photos of him and his Charlie. As it turned out, Charlie was terminally ill and Alex didn’t have any good photos of him and Charlie together.


I have to say, it was a joy and honor to capture these two! Seeing such a loving relationship made harder knowing how hard it was for both Alex and Charlie. Seeing such things, often, gives me the opportunity to ask about the story behind the emotion and connection.

Charlie somehow found Alex, as a young pup, when Alex was photographing an assignment. As Alex recalls he tried, unsuccessfully, to push Charlie away a number of times before giving in and taking him home. As it stood though, Alex was stubborn and, at the time, pets weren’t welcomed where he was living.


Alex had decided to take Charlie to a shelter before going to work after having Charlie for a little while. However, it was too late, Charlie’s charm took hold of Alex and later the same day Alex returned “To get his dog!”, as he said. When he asked for his dog, the shelter asked him, “Which one?” to which he said, “The little Pit Bull.” Apparently Charlie became a popular guy fast because everyone had been playing with him the whole day.

Needless to say the two had not been apart since. Alex, even went so far as to buy a home so that Charlie had more space as well as changing work to be sure Charlie wasn’t alone all day. I can’t tell you how much I smiled as I listened to how much of an impact Charlie had made in his life and world. Charlie, was put to sleep a month after these images where taken; surrounded by love and gave a boy love, loyalty, and more in return.

I know Alex misses his best friend everyday and I’m glad I got to meet and photograph this absolutely sweet guy with his boy. I don’t think I did his story justice but I wanted to share it. Gone but never forgotten… Charlie.


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